Pressed Vegetable Papyrus Dinner place setting.                                                                        Pressed beets and turnips: Wine glass, glass, bowl, plate, placemat                                             Printed napkin on Japanese tissue paper





Artist Statement:

The orchestrated life skills taught to me by my parents have proven to be invaluable lessons. Even today, I continue to draw upon those teachings. I think of my life in three distinct phases: childhood, adulthood and currently pre-seniorhood, with each cumulatively defining me as an individual and as an artist.

In childhood, I was curious about everything. My teachers referred to me as a daydreamer, as my thoughts roamed to nature and the outdoors, and to the far away destinations depicted in National Geographic magazines. Painfully shy, and uncomfortable at school, I always found solace in my daydreams. I also felt in my comfort zone with family, and we took many camping trips where I learned so many of my skills. Our parents would take us on hikes, where we would experience survival tactics in the wilderness.

Adulthood is where I realized the significance of those hiking trips; those lessons would prove to be paramount in my second phase of life. In this phase, not only would I heed a calling to become a caretaker for special needs children and adults, but also in my personal life for my war-torn husband.

As an artist, these influences have inspired and encouraged me to push my limits, to investigate, to create beauty, and to inspire curiosity in others.

In the art of printmaking we must solve problems, we must figure out how to negotiate the technical demands of the medium. Through that process, I don’t just create prints, I cut apart, I sew, I change form, I press, I print, I fix and put back together.

I love exploring the unknown. As such, incorporating unexpected materials such as vegetable papyrus with my printmaking processes has become a symbiotic relationship; realizing my creative ideas through immense physical pressure.

I am drawn into the patterns and textures of nature and the natural shapes and designs all around us. I am also passionate about being resourceful in the use of my materials, recycling paper, vegetables, and discarded matrices from abandoned projects.

The evolution of my work is constant, exploring the breadth of the printmaking process expressed through both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional explorations. And it will continue long after I walk across that stage with my degree in hand.