Mixed Media on Wood
45″ x 45″

Artist Statement:

Eyes wide as saucers, I anxiously beheld life enter the world.  Disbelief, unease, and suspense intermingled with an intense desire to maintain composure at all costs.  The painful wailing only heightened my 5 year old senses.  My soft, teal sweats were meant to comfort me in this moment, but all I could feel was the excited throbbing of the blood in my veins.

Life still leaves my veins burning with the same sense of awe I felt the day my brother was born.  This moment infused my senses with an intense curiosity toward the world around me.  What is it to be born?  My youthful eyes shine over these encounters with the ethereal on earth.  Humans are in a constant state of change from Birth to Life to Death.  My work documents and expresses my perception of this transitional momentum.  I compose imagery that radiates life; as if but one glance facilitates the transcendence of mind, body, and soul.  Much of this documentation takes place through the lens of another’s senses. Mine. But that’s the point, me, perceiving them, perceiving themselves, perceiving me.

This cycle of perception dictates how one experiences life.  Unbounded questions exist regarding the world around us, which compel the mind to ceaselessly observe, calculate, determine, and generate.  When left to roam, the ingenuity of the human mind is boundless.  This span of diversity creates moments of impact.  These moments of impact inform our identity and fuel my desire to create.

The core transitional thresholds of life are moments of impact christened with blood.  Scarlet blood covered the flesh of my infant brother.  Blood connected mother to son.  Upon severance of this connection, my brother made his full transition into this world.  Relationships bound by blood or vow, are of particular interest to me.  Blood is a sacred, life-sustaining substance.  Human life can be a terrifyingly beautiful force.  What we do as a collective and how we perform as individuals is significant.  I shall never fully comprehend the world around me, but I can at the very least, seek out what it is to be born human.