Shaking Equals Saving
36′ x 47′
Charcoal on Paper

Artist Statement:

How does one place importance on the memories of everyday life?

Throughout my work, I’ve grappled with the auto-biographical significance of the mundane, day-to-day experiences and the lack of proper reflection. Reveling in how we blur the line of hierarchy between what our realities represent for us and what Reality presents. Socially, choosing to elevate these experiences bares the stigma of “the pointless distraction”, however they can engender a greater reality than the trivial truths of life.

The melancholy of a child’s Teddy Bear, serendipitously, becomes at-once the vehicle and construct for weaving strange tales from the perspective of a soul trapped in an artificial life. Reacting to Reality’s daily repetitions and responding by placing importance on the things that don’t matter. Because… “they aren’t Real”; as others might try to convince us throughout our lives.

Such fantasies lack physical consequence. Yet, the psyche’s contempt for the world we are given continues to drive hammers and sharpen spears in a fevered effort to win the hearts of the living. Reminding those who think they are, that what is real can be as equally poignant as something which never happened.

Philip T. Carlton