15′ x 8′
Oil on Foam, Ink on Paper, Mirrors and Microphone Cord

Artist Statement:

My favorite Spanish authors are those that manipulate the line between illusion and reality. These authors begin their stories with common places and ordinary characters while building in small nonsensical details. While the plot moves forward the events become unlikely also. The reader becomes unaware of the limitations of reality as they are slowly introduced to a fantastical situation and believe its impossibilities. The author has gained the trust of the reader and led them astray.

In my work I am also interested in blurring the lines between the real and faux.  Using two-dimensional paintings in a three-dimensional space allows me to cross many boundaries. The square and the rectangle feel restricting. Straight edges enclose an image within its borders. A square painting may have depth but it does not escape from side to side and top to bottom. I want to encroach upon the viewer’s space. I strive to make work that, like my favorite authors, is a conversation about the meaning of reality by displaying paintings among real objects until it pushes logical boundaries.

Using Spanish stories as the inspiration for my work creates a multi-step process of translation, which begins when the author has an idea for a story. Painting their stories gives me the opportunity to choose everything from the way the characters look to the clothes they wear. It is not important that the viewer knows the original story, only that they see the story as I have imagined it. The work is meant to incite thought and provoke questions. The idea has then traveled back into thought if the viewer thinks about my work. The paintings may become inspiration for something else entirely if it leaves an impression. The idea of the author has then traveled from thought to paper, Spanish to English, written to visual and image to thought. My hope is that in the future this idea becomes inspiration for something greater.