New Orleans #1
2′ x 2′
Oil on Panel

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I describe myself as an explorer just as much as an artist. The motivation behind my work is equally as important to me as the process of creating. My greatest inspiration is travel, and the experiences that are gained from my adventures. The allure of art, to me, has always been the artist’s ability to share so much of themselves betwixt the layers of paint. During the transfer from thought to medium, the artist puts a piece of who they are into their artwork. Their own essence is found within the brushwork, the color choices, and the thickness of the paint. This process is what provokes me to convert my photographs into paintings.

My work has always been narrative, oftentimes pulling inspiration from fables, mythology, and my adventures into other cultures. Over time, these pieces have evolved into a concentration in collective histories with a particular focus on my travel experiences. I am always drawn to the nostalgia of a location, the history we have lost and wish to be part of. There are details we know, hear, and read about, but still cannot fully experience because they are somewhat lost to time and context. My travels and paintings are an attempt to reconnect with the ambiance of these lost moments. Particular interest rests with objects, stories, and customs that have stood the test of time, at least to some degree.

When interpreting these photographs into paint I aim for a sense of realism, using detail and a sense of structure that feels natural to me. I strive to overcome these potentially stringent qualities by employing painterly strokes to create an air of energy throughout the composition. This process is enhanced by a strategic choice of colors and strong sense of illumination. These elements of brush stroke, color, and light collaborate to evoke a feeling of spiritual life force and other worldly influences. The cropped compositions create an ambiguity that allows the painting to grow beyond my own experience and to be interpreted by the viewer from their own perspective.

The journeys accompanying my subjects are the key to my passion as an artist. During the creation process I constantly replay these memories in my mind. I enjoy observing my work throughout various stages, always attempting to capture the sense of awe I have known at these sites. For me, the excursion does not end when I arrive home, but is relived through each of my paintings and the excitement I feel when creating and discussing these works. My hope is that the viewer will sense this enthusiasm and relate these images to their individual explorations, or encourage them to one day have their own.